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Automotive SPICE 기반의

자동차 개발 프로세스 구축 방안

Automotive SPICE® as a Vehicle to transform engineering practices

David Rush

David Rush, Chief Methodologist and Principal Director

| Automotive & Industrial | Industry X.0 Accenture

The vehicle and its business models will look very different in the next decade. Engineers today are tasked with building this future and mature processes are the path to guide this engineering transformation. As a result, OEM’s and suppliers alike are turning to Automotive SPICE® as a powerful tool to support this journey.

A driving factor in this transformation is an explosion in the amount software being developed.  The increasing demand to develop software is orders magnitude more than before to provide solutions demanded by highly complex connected and autonomous products. The pressures on delivery time to market, engineering effectiveness, first time quality remain the same. New challenges related to software development process compliance, functional safety and cybersecurity create additional risk.


How do industrial product manufacturers pivot to a digital mindset to remain competitive and relevant in a growing competitive market?


Join David Rush and learn how to adapt engineering life cycles for this new world and utilize Automotive SPICE® to transform your engineering practices to survive and succeed.

Mr. David Rush is a visionary thought leader with over forty years experience in the Transportation, Energy and Technology sector's and has been recognized through numerous engineering, technology awards and patents. His broad global perspective is derived from living and working in the automotive and high-tech industries in Europe, Turkey, Asia, S. Africa, Australia and USA.


Dave’s expertise is in Automotive Product Development, Process Improvement, Systems Eng., Lean and Agile at Scale, Product Development Tools, Business Transformation Methods and Technology Integration.


He worked for Ford, GM, Nissan, Panasonic Automotive, MSC Software, Rucker in a broad range of product development, operations, consultant and senior executive roles. David is currently focused on Innovation and Thought Leadership in the Connected, Autonomous, Electrified and Shared-use Vehicle Product Development space.

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